89% are "very likely to recommend us to their friends and family".

94% of our customers are "much happier or equally happy with their LABFRESH shirt compared to other shirts in their closet"

These results are form our customer satisfaction survey with 1500+ responses.

But don't just take our word for it. Check out our happy customers below.

“I wear LABFRESH shirts for several days in a row neither the dirty fingers of my kids nor my own coffee clumsiness leaves a mark. The most surprising factor is how the craftsmanship is fully on par with the most expensive Italian shirts in my closet.”

Tommy Ahlers / Angel investor at Løvens Hule (Shark Tank of Denmark) & Chairman of the Entrepreneurial Council of Denmark.

"I appreciate and recognise good quality garments. By combining technology and craftsmanship Lotte & Kasper have created products that makes it easier for me to look my best - without an effort."

Lucas Vos / CEO FloraHolland & former CCO Maersk Line

“Labfresh realizes necessary innovation within the Fashion Industry without losing it’s heartbeat: The love for craft, quality, and a timeless presence. Their passion to create a really good and honest product deserves respect and space to grow.”

Peter C. Leferink / Director M-ODE Foundation / Head of Design Department at AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute)

“After my first LABFRESH experience I literally threw my old school dress shirts and socks in the bin. Even some seriously expensive bespoke shirts”

Dr. Moe Levin / CEO at Keynote

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