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Odour repellency

Our products will repel odour caused by bacteria, such as odour from sweat. They will not repel odour from e.g. smoke or cooking. Due to the many different variations and levels of perspiration we cannot guarantee a specific amount of days the products will last before odour starts being absorbed into the fabric. Our customers wear our products - on average - for 3.5 days before washing. We guarantee that the anti-bacterial treatment (odour repellency) will be active for at least 100 washes.

Stain repellency

Our products (excluding socks and undershirts) will repel stains that are caused by water-based fluids and semi-fluids. If stains are caused by oil-based fluids, such as skin oils or greasy food, the product will need to be washed or cleaned with stain remover.

We test the stain repellency of our garments for 30 washes at 30 degrees with ironing after each wash and no tumble-drying or bleaching. The performance depends on the type of washing machine, washing program, and detergent used, after which we concluded we can confidently say the guarantee for stain repellency is at least 30 washes. Since the products need significantly less washing than a traditional cotton product, 30 washes will give you a lot of wears. 

Easy care

The testing method used to determine wrinkling is called the "Durable Press rating". Our Easy Care products are tested at a DP rating of 3.0 and the wrinkle-free shirts at a DP rating of 3.5, which is the commonly accepted definition of "wrinkle-free" fabrics. There are some limitations natural natural products made of 100% cotton. However we guarantee the wrinkle-resistance for 30 washes, which is in line with industry standards from brands like Eton and Suitsupply.

Maximum shrinkage

We guarantee maximum 2% shrinkage for woven items and max 5% for knitted items. These are industry standards for knitted and woven cotton garments. Our knitted products have shrinkage control to ensure stabilisation and minimise shrinkage levels. Our woven items are classic shirts, casual shirts, and pants. Knitted items are t-shirts, polos, sweaters, and knitted shirts.

Merino wool can shrink, but both our merinos and knitted shirts can be easily stretched or ironed back into shape, after which maximum 5% shrinkage is left. 

Moisture wicking

Our t-shirts absorb fluids on the inside and will not show on the outside. This effect works in "normal" conditions. We cannot guarantee that sweat stains will be 100% blocked as our t-shirts are pure cotton products, not a raincoat. We test the moisture wicking for 30 washes at 30 degrees with ironing after each wash and no tumble-drying or bleaching.

The moisture wicking properties will last for at least 30 washes.Our products might seem like they are suited for sporting activities, but they are fashion products designed for everyday life. Our guarantees hence only extend towards what we call "everyday use". If you are considering using our t-shirts for sports, please be aware that we use fabrics that are heavier than the synthetic fabrics used by sports brands.

Sweat stains

While our t-shirts block sweat by absorbing it into the inside of the fabric, our other products are not yet moisture wicking as we have not found a way yet to apply this specific technology to them. Our other products (except socks and undershirts) block moderate amounts of sweat, but if we made it 100% hydrophobic the sweat would stay on the body and hence not be comfortable in a warm or humid environment. For our products we guarantee that it blocks perspiration better than a traditional product and it dries up faster, but the t-shirts have a significant difference compared to normal t-shirts.

DISCLAIMER: The white t-shirts are less good at hiding sweat stains than the other colours. This is due to the fact that white fabric is more transparent, so even though the outside of the t-shirt remains dry, the sweat can still be visible after a while.

Our undershirts are extra-moisture absorbing in the armpits. It's not a repelling product. This means your sweat will be absorbed into the fabric, preventing a sweat stain on the product you wear over it. It is not sweat blocking, but it will be significantly better than wearing a shirt without our undershirt.

Lifespan technology

We guarantee that the stain repellency will last for 30 washes and the odour repellency for 100 washes, when following our care instructions. Keep in mind that you have to wash LABFRESH products less, so it’s a lot of wears. 

Washing & ironing

In order to claim a guarantee it is of utmost importance that you follow our washing & ironing instructions. When these have not been properly followed the performance is no longer covered by our performance guarantee.

Are you in any way unhappy with your products? Please send us an email at with a photo or video of our product, showing the LABFRESH tag and we’ll happily be of service.