care instructions

As you have to wash our products significantly less, you save water, energy and time.

Great news right? It gets better: washing less also extend the lifespan of textiles by a factor three.

On average, our customers wear LABFRESH products 3.5 days between washes. When you wash our products, we recommend that you follow the following instructions.

Made of 100% BCI long-staple cotton. The shirts are woven in Switzerland and sewn in North Macedonia.

- No need to wash the product before the first wear or after each wear
- Wash or dry clean inside out at 30°C with similar colours
- Do not bleach
- Do not tumble dry
- Do not use fabric softener
- After washing the fabric benefits from ironing or steaming. The heat treatment extends the water repellency technology. The easy care and antibacterial properties are not affected.
- Store on a wooden hanger to prevent creases/stretching of the garment